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At Elk Grove Natural Health Center, our mission is to treat each patient’s specific healthcare needs to the best of our abilities. Through education and communication, our services incorporate all aspects of healthcare, from preventive care to wellness, so our patients can lead long and healthy lives. Simply put, we provide outstanding chiropractic care for all of our patients, new and established.

We specialize in chiropractic treatments from sports to auto-related injuries. We offer simple adjustments that restore balance and help maintain the body’s health. We aim to improve your life through the chiropractic adjustment and, ultimately, help you realize your body’s potential for self-healing.

Wither you’ve been injured in a fall, car crash, or other type of accident or your just not feeling well proper care is essential for preventing long-term injury or ailments. Sometimes even seemingly minor issues can have lasting effects, causing pain, discomfort, and limited function for many years. At Elk Grove Natural Health Center in Elk Grove, CA, we offer treatment for a wide range of back, neck, and bodily injuries or If you’re struggling with an ailment, it’s time to make an appointment.

You can depend on our more than 35 years of experience to provide personalized therapy treatments. Our modern facility accommodates patients during flexible hours. We have affordable prices, and all insurance plans with chiropractic are accepted.

Our Mission is Providing The Care You Deserve

The chiropractic team at Elk Grove Natural Health Center is committed to providing the highest level of care. As our patient, you can expect to be treated with the compassion and respect you deserve.

If you’ve recently sustained an injury, or if you’re experiencing discomfort related to a past injury, let the chiropractic team at Elk Grove Natural Health Center help. Call our office in Elk Grove, CA to schedule your consultation and learn more about our personal injury chiropractic services.

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  • Over 35 Years Experience
  • Seasoned and trained doctors
  • Friendly and courteous staff
  • Flexible Hours
  • Modern Professional Facility
  • Comfortable Atmosphere
  • Personalized Therapy Treatments
  • All Insurances With Chiropractic Accepted
  • Evening and Saturday Availability
  • Affordable Prices

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